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Father admits raping his eight year old daughter


TRANG: — Police say that a father has now admitted that he raped his own eight year old daughter after the little girl ingested Krathom tea laced with Ya Ba.

The girl later died in hospital in Trang in the south of Thailand earlier this month. Originally the case hinged on evidence given by the girl as she lay dying from an overdose of drugs that a neighbor called “First” was the person who attacked her reported¬†Daily News.

Now it has emerged that the father who originally said he was sleeping out back in the house and heard nothing did indeed rape his own daughter.

He was named only as “Ae”. Police said that DNA evidence taken from his daughter had shown that he raped her. They also say they have other evidence from the scene of the attack. Ae has since admitted to police that when he saw his daughter sleeping he felt the need for sex and raped her.

Yesterday he tried to take his own life but was saved by police. He has been charged with rape of a minor under 13 using force that led to her death.

“First”, aged 20, the neighbor who was already arrested on warrant has repeatedly denied any involvement but is still considered a suspect in the case as further DNA evidence is examined.

Source: www.dailynews.co.th/

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